Puerto Vallarta offers many outdoors and nature activities, a hiking to Las Animas beach, is the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation.

This hike starts in Boca de Tomatlán a sleepy, beachfront village about a 20 minutes’ drive south of down town Puerto Vallarta.

We like to take our dogs with us as they also get to play on the beach, in the shallow waters of the mouth of the Tomatlán River.

How to get to the beach…

The start of the hike is back where a bridge crosses the river and because we walk in front of houses that have dogs as well, we keep them on a leash until we leave the houses behind, then let them walk free with us.

The trail goes along the coast and we really enjoy seeing the beaches, nature and coves while we hike. There are several signs along the road so you know where to go and where to turn.

The locals have also build stairs in some parts of it as they use this trail to get to and from Las Animas. The trail goes even further to another village called Quimixto.

The first is part is the hardest as you have to climb a small hill, but soon you find yourself going through a dirt road under the shade of the forest canopy, while you still see the ocean and even some coves through the lush vegetation.

Then, as if out of a movie you see the turquoise water of Colomitos beach. This is a small cove only about 24 meters (26 yards) wide which has gained popularity with tourists and locals alike. You could choose to stay there and enjoy the beach but we like the exercise and continue on to Las Animas.

After passing Colomitos beach, the trail continues in ups and downs but still under the shade of the forest canopy and enjoying the walk along other sandy beaches. It feels nice to take your shoes off and just relax while you get your feet wet.

More options near las Animas…

Other places of interest along this hikes are La Troza, Casitas Maraika and Hotelito Mio, 3 small boutique resorts where to spend a few days if peace and quiet is what you’re looking for.

Then you arrive to Las Animas Beach, a vibrant sandy beach with several restaurants to choose from.

This is a very popular beach with the bay cruises and it can get crowded by noon so we like to get there before they do, enjoy a nice lunch and head back by boat to Boca de Tomatlán, a nice way to end the hike.

If you want to see a video I have taken of this hike please click on the following link https://youtu.be/bzk6QQIsHOU

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