Ready to retire in Mexico? Puerto Vallarta has the lifestyle, luxury and price tag that you’ve been searching for.

Imagine walking onto your balcony each morning and gazing out at the azure waters that hug pristine stretches of beach. Later in the day you might play a few rounds of golf or go shopping at the many lovely boutique stores, then grab a delicious lunch at a five-star restaurant.

For many people, retiring in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is an idea that seems more like a dream than a reality waiting to happen. But the truth is, life in paradise is at your fingertips. To retire in Mexico is to enjoy a lifestyle that is comparable to the best one could enjoy in southern California, could they afford it.

Puerta Vallarta offers retirees not only a dramatically beautiful coastline but a solid infrastructure that’s already in place. This is not a third-world city with potential – but rather a luxury destination that offers a world-class yet affordable lifestyle with the kind of amenities you’re looking for.

3 More Reasons You Will Want to Retire in Puerto Vallarta

Still not convinced retiring in Mexico is right for you? Here are 3 more reasons you should consider retiring here:

1. Easy Access to the United States

Mexico is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the U.S., making it incredibly easy to come back and visit friends and family. Most likely, it’s your friends and family that will want to hop, skip and jump on down to Mexico during the cold winter months to visit you in paradise.

2. A Welcoming Community of Expats

Many people who retire in Puerto Vallarta find they have more of a social life here than they had back in their home countries. This is because of the welcoming and ever-growing group of expats that move here from around the world. According to local government estimates, there are thousands (around 35,000) U.S. and Canadian citizens living in Puerto Vallarta, and that number is growing each year.

3. Affordable Medical Care

Enjoying your golden years means having access to quality and affordable medical care when you need it. You may be surprised to find even more options in Puerto Vallarta for quality healthcare and at much more affordable prices than you can find in the United States. This includes procedures like major surgeries and advanced dental care. Not only is care more affordable, but often you can get in to see your doctor on the very same day you call.

There are more reasons why you may want to retire in Mexico and I’d love to share those with you personally. Please feel free to email me or give me a call so we can discuss your options and begin searching for your dream retirement home.

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