Top 3 Reasons to Make the Move to Mexico

Thinking about moving to Mexico? Want to know why people choose Puerto Vallarta? Read on and relocate with confidence.

The Cost: Living Large on Little

How do you put a price tag on paradise – especially when you’re talking about a paradise that has captivated so many? The affordable cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is one of the number one reasons so many relocate to this little slice of heaven by the sea.

Living expenses are less in Puerto Vallarta than in the US, Canada and Western Europe, which means your money buys more. A quick stop at the supermarket for a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs will cost you less than a dollar each. Here are some other examples to put things in perspective.

A pair of top-shelf Levi’s – $38
A state-side $20,000 Toyota – $15,000
Total utilities for a 1,000 sq. ft. home- (that’s electricity, water and internet) – $80.
So what will you do with your leftover cash? Why not kick back with a premium imported beer for a buck and a half? After all, a move to Mexico will save you a lot in the long run.

The Temps: It’s Cold Outside…

Now is the perfect time to warm up to Mexico. When it’s winter-aka COLD- across much of the globe, it’s warm and welcoming in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. With amazing weather, friendly folks and a lively, authentic Mexican culture to keep you entertained, PV is the answer to your chilly winter blues.

So appealing is this jewel of the Mexican coast with its warm and tropical climate, it was deemed the “best place to retire internationally” by AARP, while Conde Naste Magazine dubbed it the “world’s friendliest city.” Relocate to Puerto Vallarta and call it home.

Location, Location, Location

Everybody knows that location is everything, and Puerto Vallarta is the location dreams are made of. Along the pristine coast of the Pacific Ocean, it snuggles up against the magnificent Sierra Madres Mountains.

Stunning beaches
Quaint hillside villages
Amazing year-round temps
Whether you settle near the sparkling beaches of the coast or move a bit inland toward the quaintest of hillside villages, sunshine drenches Puerto Vallarta and all those lucky enough to call it home. Along the beautiful coast of Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be active and energetic and living the dream.

And it’s easy to get to. Direct flights to major cities in the U.S. make travel to and from inexpensive, which means you can visit friends and family whenever you’d like. Chances are, though, that friends and family will pack up and come to you. You may find yourself headed back to the market for another loaf of bread if they decide to stay awhile. But not to worry. You can afford it.

The Perfect Place to Call Home

So why not pull those suitcases out of storage and plan a trip to spectacularly sunny Puerto Vallarta? With a low cost of living, days spent in shorts and sandals and a beautiful locale that supports a healthy, active lifestyle, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to call home.

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