Dolphins have always fascinated humans but given the right circumstances, humans seem to also fascinate dolphins.

There are several pods of dolphins that are permanent residents in our bay and, there is a company that conducts research on these dolphins and permanently keep track of them.

The Wildlife Connection combines their research to understand more about dolphins, with an eco-friendly adventure that is aimed to provide an amazing experience with these highly intelligent creatures and educate the public about the importance to protect them.

The adventure starts when they meet you in the Opequimar marina, where you will receive a brief talk about dolphins which includes the differences with other marine mammals, evolution, physiology and behavior.

You will then set out into the bay on one of their boats, to look for dolphins. It is important to not here that these dolphins are not trained, they are free in their own environment and they are the ones that decide whether they will accept to approach both the boat and you when you are in the water with them.

Swimming with dolphins in a pool is a big business however,  a dolphin in captivity suffers from great trauma when taken from their families and some of them don’t even survive in such harsh conditions. The Wildlife Connection gives us a different option, one that will put you in touch with Mother Nature at its best but without being invasive and interfering.

Here is a short video of this experience with wild dolphins:

For more information about this wild dolphin adventure please visit www.wildlifeconnection.com or email them at info@wildlifeconnection.com

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